My Journey Getting Published.

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My Journey Getting Published.

“In THE FEATHER AND THE MOON WELL, Shean Pao draws upon traditional tales of the fairy realm for inspiration, while creating a world that is uniquely her own. The resulting tale is richly drawn and completely seductive. This is a story that bears reading again and again.”

—New York Times bestselling fantasy author David Farland

David Farland is an award winning, NYT best selling author. He is known as the “Wizard of Storytelling,” and is the author of fifty novels. Now he has the privilege of helping other would-be writers to achieve their success. David says, “Nobody makes it alone. We each build on one another.”

Shean and Dave at Salt Lake City Comicon – 2016

David is known for having taught many great emerging writers and has had a part in their success, including Stephanie Meyer, Author of the Twilight Series, Hugo Award winner, Brandon Sanderson, and James Dashner author of The Maze Runner.

David Farland is launching A David Farland Discovery to promote unpublished writers that he feels have potential. Shean Pao’s debut novel will be the first in the series.

Shean first met David while taking online classes from him. He began assisting her with editing her novel and choose it for his program. Shean Pao comments, “Dave Farland is more than just a writing coach. He has become a mentor to so many new writers. I am fortunate and honored to be one of them.” 

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