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The concept of the starflurries came into being when I was fourteen and writing A Mage and His Lion. It was my first endeavour at writing a novel and was very therapeutic for me. I immersed myself in that world. Ethcabar was created and expanded upon as I grew older.

Back to the starflurries. As much as I can recall, they just simply popped into my head as I was describing Ethcabar. Ethcabar is the main city/state in my world that has lanterns hung on high poles in its streets, filled with starflurries. They are an insect, kin to the firefly, that primarily live in the Hells, but are also abundant in most of the caves accessible to Ethcarbarians. They feed and lay their eggs on moss. So they are extremely easy to care for them. I wish I had a starflurry lantern.

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